Collection Reminders

Residents are sent reminders prior to bin collections.
Residents can select their preferred time and request a second reminder

Service Information

Residents are provided with up to date information on what can and cannot be recycled in each bin.
Information about other services including recycling centres and special uplifts is also available.

News and Alerts

Residents will receive information about any service changes or disruption, and recycling promotional activities and events.

Recycling Advice

Residents can access tips on recycling and reducing waste, and links to other websites which provide further recycling information.

Easy Contact

Residents can use the app to report missed bin collections or raise any other waste and recycling enquiries.
The app autofi lls the resident’s postcode, house number and UPRN.

Works Offline

After the initial set-up the MyBins app does not require a WIFI or data connection for the bin collection reminders.


Up-to-date bin collection and service information for residents.

Fewer missed bins. special uplifts is also available.

Improved recyclate quality and a reduction in contamination.

Increased quantity of recyclate.

Improved customer engagement and support.

Effective and direct communication channels to and from residents.

Reduced call volumes to customer service centre.

Demo the MyBin app today

(download and use a postcode starting with KA1 to demo)


Download the BIN APP
from Google Play Store



Download the BIN APP
from Apple App Store


Questions on how it works?